Supporting Us

We are campaigning to raise money so that we can commission life-changing research and buy vital equipment. Donations of anything between £2 and £20,000 are massively appreciated. How to donate:

Donate to CLN5 research and equipment

Providing what Freddie and Louie need is twice as hard because we have had to buy two of everything. Clothes (the boys chew theirs!), special buggie seats, sensory toys – all of which costs a lot money. We couldn’t get by without the generosity of suppliers and welcome any donations. If you would like to send over any items, please let us know.

Contact Us…
We realise not everyone can help us find the money we need for research but if you want to get involved, simply send us a message via…

Twitter: @andrewddawkins or @BattleBatten

Our Supporters


The Batten Disease Family Association, also known as the BDFA, have helped the family in many ways including getting Freddie and Louie into a special school.

“Without the help from the BDFA, it would not have been possible for us to understand what is needed to help develop the research that could children’s lives.”

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And a special thanks to…
Daniel Hope
Ludovico Einaudi
Warner Chappell
Suzanne Jackson
52 Lives
John Lamin
Louise Farmery
Cherry Louise English
Kayleigh Manning
Zoe MacGregor
Sally Nightingale
Luciano of Talking Heads Hucknall

There are so many more of you to thank; family, friends and strangers. Please know that your kind words, donations and non-faltering support is heart warming and we can never thank you enough for all that you have done and continue to do for Freddie and Louie. Together, we will Battle Batten.