Fundraising stories

We have been blown away here at Battle Batten by the unbelievable efforts of everyone in our community to raise money for Freddie and Louie and other CLN5 sufferers.

We don’t have enough space to thank everyone so we have featured just some of the stories. This video was produced to thank some of our fundraisers at our Battle Batten ball in November 2015 where we raised a whopping £20,000 to add to our then £40,000 total. Take a peak


September 2014 & 2015  – £3,700

Andrews school friend is European pro golfer Andrew Willey and another example of a friend stepping forward and asking what he can do to help.

For two consecutive years Andy has organised Texas scramble at Bulwell golf course, with raffle and prizes galore. Thanks Andy!


31st August 2014 & 2015 – Skegness bike ride

Geoff Pallett led pals and Andrew the 90 miles from Nottingham to Skegness to take their total fundraising to £3,000.

There were laughs, a bit of sick, lots of sore bottoms and a good ole knees up at the end. next year lads (and lady)?

bike ride

August 2014 & 2015 – Impact fitness – £3,500

Phil Coker, owner of impact fitness and hugely inspirational guy, was touched by Freddie and Louie’s story from the moment he first heard about Battle Batten.

Visiting the Dawkins a stranger, Phil left a friend after sharing his own battles and successes in life including becoming kick boxing champion of Sierra Leone.

Phil’s incredible enthusiasm and motivation has led his “Impact Fitness” communities to do two hour Fitathons with the support of Paralympian Phil Hogg and a 10k run

fit 2 Fitathon cheque

8th November 2014 – Batten Batten Ball

Too many thanks – look here

28th September 2014 – Robin Hood marathon £2,000

Andrew decided to run the Nottingham Robin Hood Half Marathon blind to raise awareness and understand how it was to be blind like Freddie and Louie.

The training began as Andrew hooked up to friend Suzy and donned his blindfold which took some time to appear in public!

The time was credible at 1 hour 52 minutes but in truth, this didn’t matter. It turned out to be a hugely emotional day, crowds cheering them on by name at every corner and other runners helping to get them through the crowds. Freddie and Louie were in their minds all the way.

The person on the finish line who went to Andrew and said “if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have finished – you inspired me all the way round” really made their day.

robin hood marathon with kids 2

24th August 2014 Tina’s head shave – £2,300

Tiny Tots pre-school worker Tina Marshall looked after Freddie and Louie from a very young age and has held a special place in her heart for them ever since.

Tina was desperate to help, saying “I can’t ride a bike, I can’t swim or run – not even to the corner shop. So I thought head shave it is!!!”

Tina took to the hot seat as crowds of supporters, nervous but excited, lined the High Street. As Tina’s hair fell to the floor, the money raised went up totalling a whopping £2,300 by the end of the night.

What Tina did was the biggest sacrifice for any woman, for immaculate Tina, with the most beautiful hair it was even more so – but she still looks as glamorous as ever!

Tinas head shave happening

12th July 2014 – Football memorial £2,700

When Craig Dowhan, was tragically killed in a car crash earlier this year, it shook the local community to the core.

But dad Chris and friends from local football teams rallied round to ensure Craig’s name lived on and left behind a legacy of making a positive difference in his beloved community.

The upshot was a hugely successful event in Hucknall that comprised a football tournament, family entertainment and fundraising of £2,700, (half match funded by Santander thanks to Shirley Gray), which was generously donated to Battle Batten.

The event was organised by 31-year-old Craig’s dad, well-known football coach Chris ‘Chick’ Dowhan, and Craig’s best friend, Linby player Paul Prewett.

More than 250 people flocked to the Hucknall Rolls-Royce Leisure Club, among them Freddie & Louie’s granddad, former Hucknall Town manager Roger Dawkins.

It was a hugely emotional day, particularly seeing the inaugural Craig Dowhan Memorial Trophy awarded. Despite their personal loss, Craig’s dad, mum Diane and brother Ross were relentless in their efforts to raise as much money as possible for Battle Batten. Andrew and Sarah are very honoured and humbled by Craig’s family’s choice of charity.

football cheque

28th June 2014- Tesco bag pack £1,000


Stout “Battle Battener” Sally Nightingale organised the essentials with Hucknall Tesco and Kayleigh Manning, our great friend took on the organising of the “Batten army” to pack the bags of the folks of Hucknall on Saturday 28th June.

Twelve 14-16 year olds from Holgate school in Hucknall stood for 6 hours and raised an enormous £1056.00. The money was huge but moreover for Andrew and Sarah, it was the fact that these young people who’d never met Freddie and Louie chose to give up their Saturday to help them. They were beyond amazing and a huge credit to the younger generation .

tesco bag pack 1

13th April 2014 – London Marathon £10,000

The start of the Battle Batten journey!

Andrew applied for his place and got the news in September 2013 that he was running the marathon. Believe it or not, his target way back then was to raise a mere £1,000

And so the journey began. Just Giving was launched and the personal campaign to raise money for research into his children’s condition spurred Andrew on to finish the race in a credible 3 hours 56 minutes in a scorching 21 degrees C.  And he only lost 3 toe nails!

It was on the finish line that Andrew learned from Sarah that they had raised an enormous £10,000 by the close of the race. Little were they to know how much more this sum would grow

London marathon post race with medal