A celebration ball!

We finally did it!

After months – nay years – of being asked to do another ball after the success in November 2014, we’re doing it all again in November 2017!

Organising a ball isn’t the easiest of tasks – but when we think about the atmosphere at the last, and how much people have helped us both fundraise and emotionally support us in the last few years, we thought hell yeah! Lets celebrate.

So on the 18th November at Goosedale in Papplewick, we are hosting another ball. We have just weeks to pull this together but know we will get 400 people there with the interest we’ve already had. If you want to join us, the flyer is here and you can book here

We’re always looking for sponsors and prizes so please feel free to get in touch – there’s no pressure, no bargaining, we’re just grateful for whatever you can do. Its musical. Its celebratory. Its fun. And it’s just before Christmas so if you’re not booked up with your Xmas do yet – always a good option! It £450 for a table of 10.

Look forward to seeing you there.

The ball last time! (Thanks to the wonderful Mark Walker)