SMIKE Bike Ride for Battle Batten

Tomorrow (4th June), a dear friend to the family will be raising money by riding 170 miles from coast to coast in Scotland. John Lamin has already raised £620 for Battle Batten and tomorrow, he embarks on his ‘SMIKE’ bike ride with the goal of reaching £1,000. 

“In 2005, Hucknall twins Freddie and Louie were born perfectly normal to friends of mine, Sarah and Andrew. In 2007 they were diagnosed with autism and a few years later they became completely blind.

“Batten disease is a cruel degenerative neurological condition. There has been no research since 2008 because not enough people suffer with it. Scientists are waiting to carry on research. I am helping them get there.” – John Lamin

Want to help John reach his goal? Visit